New Browning 2020 products

Browning is certainly the most innovative manufacturer in the trapshooting camera industry and the one that offers the highest quality of manufacturing in electronics and optics.

In the year 2020, exciting new developments are emerging in the form of new models and new features.

Perhaps one of the most interesting is the appearance of a new "Dual lense" camera, that is, with two lenses and two different sensors, in the line of the XD. This is the Patriot

This camera incorporates a new night illumination that Browning advertises as "military technology" and adds more power and quality of night illumination than any other Browning model. This is especially surprising for a "black light" camera.

It is also remarkable a very fast firing speed (0.15 s) and recovery (0.35 s). For the first time Browning adds the possibility of programming the daily activity schedule and also multi-language menu.

We can't wait to try this camera! But we will have to wait until the beginning of May 2020.

Another novelty are the MAX cameras(Strike Force HD MAX and Dark Ops HD MAX), with a renewed look in the outer box, very small and very fast, with adjustable shooting speed (0.3 -0.7 sec). The screen is only for programming, i.e. you can't see the images or orientate the framing.

With 18 mpx resolution in photos and HD+ videos (1600 x 900) it is a very complete camera for any situation, whether tracking wildlife or people.

Another new feature is the update of the Specs Ops and Recon Force, which add the name "Edge". The image and video quality are not only maintained with respect to the previous "Advantage" models, but they announce that they will be even better. 

The external casing is new, better finished, with less square shape and narrower which is better for camouflage. They have multi-language menu. 

By mid-year will appear the first model with image sending, the Defender Wireless that seems to be 4G and can send photos and HD videos. An app has been designed that will allow remote control of the camera and you can order photos on demand at any time.

Finally, a great news is that Browning will finally manufacture solar panels for all models and that will extend the operability of the cameras, which is already very large.

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