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Experts in the world of photo trapping, since 2008

Our love for nature and the environment, both privately and professionally, led us many years ago to discover photo trapping cameras and we were able to import the first camera from the United States, with much delay and complications. The fascination that this activity produced in us led us to try new models and to understand the potential that these cameras could have for the amateurs and students of wildlife.  

When in June 2008 we decided to open this online store, there were still few internet sales initiatives and the possibilities of buying photo trapping cameras in Spain were very complicated, if not impossible. After the first sales, our activity has grown in this time and we have numerous private customers, research centers, public organizations, both in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

Our website is an important reference in this world of photo-trapping, having also developed numerous courses and workshops, field studies and technical advice.

For us it is not only important to gain new clients, but also to keep the ones we already have, and for that we try to provide a close and trustworthy service.

IMPORTANT: The word "fototrampeo" has become popular in Spain, largely due to our intense activity since 2008. Since 2009 "fototrampeo" is a registered trademark of our property with nº 2.904.653 and that gives us the exclusive right to use it in the economic traffic.  

Putting up an old StealhCam camera in 2008. What a time!

30 DAYS RETURN PERIOD. If you want to return the equipment, you can do so. See conditions.

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