Browning Dark Ops HD Max Plus


  • Versión 2022.
  • Black infrared light.
  • Velocidad disparo 0,135 seg.
  • HD+ Video
  • 20 mpx

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Esta versión “MAX PLUS” es una nueva versión de la familia de cámaras “Dark Ops Max”, es decir, de las cámaras pequeñas y de luz negra de Browning. Lo único “pequeño”, a pesar de su nombre, es su tamaño (10,7 x 7,6 x 6 cm) ya que en el resto de características está muy por encima de la mayoría de las cámaras.

Su velocidad de disparo es sólo de 0,135 seg aunque puede aumentarse a 0,7 seg, si no queremos tanta rapidez de disparo. La recuperación se produce a tan solo 0,6 segundos, por lo que esta cámara capturará cualquier movimiento que se produzca.  

The resolution of the photos, 20 mpx is more than enough to have an excellent image and the video is HD+ (1600 x 900) with a length between 5 seconds and 2 minutes.

The detection field of the sensor is wider, reaching 25 m and the night illumination is more powerful, reaching almost 25 m.

Este modelo utiliza leds de luz infrarroja negra (los leds NO brillan). En este tipo de iluminación nocturna la calidad de imagen disminuye algo, con respecto a la versión de luz infrarroja convencional (Strike Force Max). 

It has a new system of regulation of the type of lighting (Power safe and long range) that allows to increase the power or to reduce it and also to conserve the energy of the batteries, in addition to obtaining a better intensity of illumination. It also has a new Illuma-smart system that adjusts the infrared light to get the best night photos.

The Browning are the best wildlife tracking cameras as they have one of the best electronic circuits, with a very high trigger speed and minimum recovery time, being able to chain numerous captures, if necessary, without failing to record anything that passes in front of the camera. This camera, for its features, should be in the higher price bracket, around 300.00 euros. There are other much more expensive cameras that don't even come close to its features.

The MAX series has only a programming screen, not a large screen where you can see the images and orientate the framing.

Allows you to select the time slot in which you want the camera to be operative.

The programming is easy to use and has a very low battery consumption, which allows it to remain operational for more than 12 months with only six batteries. (Calculated with lithium batteries and about 70 photos per day).

VERY IMPORTANT: We are the official distributor of Browning cameras in Spain. Therefore we offer the manufacturer's warranty of 2 years if you buy in our store. That means that we manage directly with you the replacement of the camera, without you having to do any paperwork with the manufacturer.

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Type of lighting

Black light

Maximum photo resolution mpx

20 mpx

Maximum video resolution

HD+ (1600×900)

Rate of fire

0.1 sec

Detection distance

25 m

Illumination distance

25 m

Display screen




Technical features

  • 20 megapixel.
  • HD+ videos (1600×900), with sound.
  • Velocidad de disparo de tan solo 0,13 segundos.
  • Recovery time of only 0.6 sec.
  • Dynamic video system, (continues recording if the animal is still in front)
  • Luz por infrarrojos (los leds brillan por la noche).
  • Powerful illumination intensity of more than 25 meters.
  • Adjustable light intensity system (Power safe and Long range)
  • Detection range up to 25 meters.
  • Accepts SD cards up to 512 GB.
  • Backlit programming display, for better viewing in dark conditions.
  • Programmable timeout interval, between 5 seconds and 60 minutes.
  • Time lapse. Includes software for its use.
  • Time lapse plus, which allows simultaneous time lapse and motion sensor capture.
  • Multi-shot over 8 photos. Rapid Fire" system, which allows ultra-fast shooting of up to 8 photos.
  • On the photos you can mark time, date, temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure and camera code.
  • AA batteries (not included). Uses 6 batteries, providing up to 12 months of battery life.
  • Selectable daily period of operation.
  • External 12V connection, for solar panel.
  • Size 10.7 x 7.6 x 6 cm.

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