Spartan S328

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  • Version 2021.
  • Sending photos by email (2G).
  • Menu in English and easily configurable.
  • Black light (LEDs do not glow).
  • Shutter speed 0.6 sec.

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Spartan cameras are marketed in the United States under that name and are one of the best-selling cameras with shipping function there. We are direct distributors of the manufacturer, Spromise.

The Spartan is manufactured with top quality products, so the box is made of a robust material and both the fasteners and the rest of the elements are of good quality. They include a 2-inch internal LCD screen, where you can not only see the photos that the camera has captured, but also choose the best framing.

Las Spartan pueden hacer envíos mediante una tarjeta SIM, que se deja alojada en la cámara. Los envíos, en este modelo S328,  se realizan mediante 2G (GPRS), lo cual permite que la cámara envíe las fotos por internet (los videos no se pueden enviar). En otros modelos con conexión 3G, 4G o LTE permite que también puedan enviarse los videos. Sin embargo hay que tener en cuenta que la cobertura 3G o superior no está tan extendida y en algunas zonas alejadas de las ciudades, sólo hay 2G.

This card is like any other mobile phone, in the prepaid or contract option. It works with any telephone company and must be programmed with the data that can be provided by the contracted telephone company.

It is very easy to program the camera, as the instructions for MOVISTAR, VODAFONE and ORANGE are preconfigured. IN THE MENU ON THE SCREEN CAN BE CONFIGURED QUICKLY AND HAS THE MENU IN SPANISH.

In any case we send to each buyer the instructions in Spanish of how to program the option of sending images, for the following telephone companies: MOVISTAR, VODAFONE, ORANGE or YOIGO.

If, in any case, you prefer that we send you your camera already configured, we can do it completely free of charge. Just tell us the e-mail address(es) where you would like to receive the shipments and we will be happy to send it to you already set up.



Additional Information

With online shipping

With shipments

Type of lighting

Black light

Maximum photo resolution mpx

12 mpx

Maximum video resolution

Full HD (1920×1080)

Rate of fire

0.6 sec

Detection distance

25 m

Illumination distance

20 m

Display screen




Technical features

  • Resolution 12/10/8/5/5/3 megapixel.
  • Lens FOV (Field of View) 62º.
  • Video length between 1 and 30 seconds.
  • Video with sound.
  • Video resolution: 1080p and 720p @30fps / WVGA (800×480 @30fps) / QVGA (320×240 @30 fps).
  • Trigger speed 0.6 sec.
  • Multi-shot option between 1 and 10 shots.
  • Detection range above 25 meters.
  • Night illumination by invisible infrared light (black light), 44 leds. The LEDs are not coloured. Illumination range over 18 m.
  • Internal 2 inch LCD colour screen.
  • Multilanguage menu.
  • Adjustable period of the day in which it will be operative.
  • Función de envíos 2G. Incluye la posibilidad de control remoto de la cámara mediante el envío de SMS desde un terminal de teléfono móvil. Mediante una serie de códigos, se pueden hacer cambios en la configuración de la cámara, o por ejemplo, pedir que haga una foto y que nos la envíe a continuación. Esta función aumenta significativamente el gasto de baterías.
  • Acepta memorias SD hasta 32 GB
  • Time-lapse function, with intervals 30 sec-60 s/ 1min-60 min / 1 hr-8 hrs.
  • Adjustable PIR sensitivity (High/Normal/Low/Off)
  • Interval between shots adjustable from 0 sec to 60 minutes.
  • Batteries type AA, 1.5V. It can work with 4, 8 or 12 batteries. We recommend to use 12 batteries, to get a better performance and longer charging time. Socket for external battery 6V.
  • Weight 0.38 kg (without batteries)
  • Measurements : 15,3 x 12,4 x 9 cm
  • Operating temperature between -20º C and +60º C.
  • Humidity operating range: 5%-90%.

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