Tribute to George Shiras

On March 24, 1942 George Shiras died, 78 years ago, who is surely the discoverer of photo-trapping, so we want to pay a tribute to such an amazing pioneer.

Indeed, photo-trapping seems to be a modern and very recent technique, although this is only true in terms of its expansion and popularization. Already in the 19th century George Shiras, Pennsylvania, United States (1859-1942), collaborated with National Geographic and is considered the father of wildlife photography through the use of photo trapping cameras and the use of flash.

He carried out extensive fieldwork in Yelowstone National Park, photographing wild animals in their environment, by boat trips at night that allowed him to get close to the animals that came to shore and taking photographs with the rudimentary photographic equipment and flashes of the time.


The most surprising are the automatic shooting systems that he developed by attaching hidden cable mechanisms and baits to the cameras, by means of which the most elusive animals activated the cameras, being undoubtedly the precursor of the current photo-trapping cameras.


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